Another Job Growth Area for Young People?

The demand for organic food is beginning to attract the attention of  young adults who are looking for meaningful work. Given the sometimes questionable quality of what’s available in the supermarket these days, I hope this trend of young people becoming organic farmers continues!


If You’re Young and Out of Work, You’re Not Alone

The labor force participation rate of 25-29-year olds recently hit a 30+ year low……and it could be longer than that, because they didn’t start tracking that number until 1982. There could be a less-than-obvious reason for this—perhaps many young people are working in the underground economy—but given the state of the economy, I doubt it.

Weekly Update: February 29, 2012

News and Info for 21st Century Parents

Keep your tots offline: scientists believe Internet addiction affects the human brain.

Beware of articles like this one that lament long-dead and dying careers (old news) while gushing over the percentage increases (not the actual modest numbers) of new jobs that will require advanced degrees.

Here’s an event that will help you prepare for the future: a self-reliance expo.

According to the numbers, the empty nest truly does have a revolving door: more young adults are moving back home thanks to the economy…

…while the civilian labor force continues to shrink.

What Homeschooled Kids are Missing Out On

They’re missing out on money, apparently: at this school, students are actually paid to attend.

You Can Say That Again!

How can any human being learn autonomy, initiative, and personal responsibility when the decision of when, where, and whether he may eat his own food is not his to make? (Gennady Stolyarov II on public schools)


So, how are you preparing your children to thrive in the 21st century? Check out the links to the left for articles and information that will help you.

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