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  1. Hello,
    I can’t figure out how to subscribe to your blog. Is there some way for your column to be delivered regularly to my inbox?

    • Hi Lisa,

      A subscribe-by-email form should be turning up soon on the right side of the site. Also, there is currently a “subscribe to posts” link at the very bottom of the site. Sorry for any inconvenience!

      Barb Frank

  2. I am reading “thriving” and “life skills” and I am planning on using the life skills book as a spine for our co-op. I wanted to give the kids a budget and pay them with monopoly money and have them pay their bills and unexpected expenses each week from that. I am having trouble figuring it all out…do you have any ideas on how we could best implement this…most of these kids have never had a job so just doing it on paper doesn’t really hit home. any ideas are appreciated.

    • Hi Amber,

      Thanks for your email. What a great question! I’m so happy you’re using Life Prep in this way. I can think of a few options. One would be to organize your class kind of like the board game “Life.” Everyone can randomly choose an income card that shows their occupation and income, giving the class a range of pay for different experiences. Then they need to figure out a budget using their individual pay level, research a place to live that they can afford, figure out how much to budget for food, etc. You could hand out weekly pay in “cash” and have them give back the budgeted amounts into boxes marked “Rent,” etc. once a month. They could discuss their efforts so the rest of the class would learn.

      Another option would be to replace the Monopoly money with virtual money, i.e. you make a “direct deposit” in an account you and they keep track of each week. While I’m a huge proponent of running your home economy on cash, and I taught my kids that way, the fact is that we’re forced to pay for many things virtually now. In fact, I think all of my adult kids get their “paychecks” via direct deposit. So keeping an account on an Excel spreadsheet might work better for you and for teaching the kids in your group.

      Just a few thoughts. I’d love to hear how this whole project goes for you, if you get a chance sometime.

      Thanks again and have fun with this,

  3. Hey Barbara – I’d gladly give you some social media love if you let me know what your twitter and facebook urls are. Didn’t see any on this page. 🙂

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