Will Uncle Sam Pay for Your College? Maybe, Maybe Not…..

One traditional way of going to college for free is to join the military. Young people who commit to a branch of the military for a certain time period either earn a college degree during their period of service, or else the government covers their college costs after they leave the military.

But this option is no longer a sure thing: in fact, it’s becoming harder to even qualify for the military.


Another Growth Area Ripe for Entrepreneurship: Organic Food

Lately, great entrepreneurship stories just keep popping up (there’ll be another one next post). But for today, what a way to educate your teens and young adult children without racking up student loan debt! Here’s a great article that also includes an interesting video interview of a man who teaches people how to grow food in cities. The young people who come to work with him are getting an invaluable education in a growth area: organic gardening. Learn more HERE.