Associate’s vs. Bachelor’s: Not Much Pay Gap Anymore

The price of a four-year college degree has increased much faster than the price of a two-year degree, yet there’s only a small wage gap between the two.  Interesting…..


Creating Affordable Housing: One Young Man’s Solution

I love this story from the UK about a young man who doesn’t make much money but figured out a way to provide affordable shelter for himself. He didn’t wait for a handout in a challenging situation but instead did something about his problem. American children need to think like this young man did.

How to Become a Self-Taught Designer

This graphic designer is sharing her journey to becoming a successful, employed graphic designer through self-education. Her story is very specific, and full of great advice for others who wish to follow her path without running up a tab at their local community college or tech school (not to mention 4-year university!)

Free Colleges

In these times of inflation-surpassing tuition hikes, it’s hard to believe that some college don’t charge tuition. But there are a few of them around.

The catch? Usually, it’s work. You pay through your labor instead of your cash (or student loans).  These schools aren’t for everyone, but for the motivated student who is truly college material, it’s worth investigating. Check it out!

Pay Off $30K of College Debt in Three Years

For those young college grads who are fortunate to have found good jobs, it’s imperative that they pay down their student loan debt in order to maximize their options in the future. Here’s one plan for paying down $30K in three years. There’s even some wisdom buried among the comments (but it’s Yahoo, so you’ll have to do a lot of sifting!)