Teaching Children to Work

Don’t miss this terrific article about how one dad is teaching his children to learn to work. A great read!


Who Needs College? Not Her!

This young woman used eBay to launch a business that now employs hundreds of people here in the U.S. and is worth over $100 million. Did I mention she’s a college dropout?

Entrepreneurs Must Be Persistent

Entrepreneurship continues to thrive, even in a lousy economy: this young man, despite several twists and turns in the road (along with a few discarded careers), stuck with his dream of creating a business by selling fantastic cookies made with his grandmother’s recipe, and now he’s finding success. Inspiring story! Share it with the young people in your life to give them a vision of entrepreneurial challenges and success.

Another Job Growth Area for Young People?

The demand for organic food is beginning to attract the attention of  young adults who are looking for meaningful work. Given the sometimes questionable quality of what’s available in the supermarket these days, I hope this trend of young people becoming organic farmers continues!

11-Year-Old Entrepreneur Makes It to Kickstarter

Here’s a great story about an 11-year-old who solved a problem: she invented a spill-proof cup for her grandfather, who has Parkinson’s disease. Now she’s selling her invention on Kickstarter. WTG Lily!

BTW, did you note her dad’s comment? He said, “…one of the reasons I have so much passion for this project is that Lily wasn’t really recognized by her school. If it wasn’t for crowdfunding, she’d still be asking me, ‘What am I good at?'” As I’ve said so many times, schools do not encourage creativity. Sometimes they even discourage it. Kudos to Lily’s dad for helping her with her idea.