Advice for Teens on How to Succeed

Dr. Gary North offers advice to young people HERE, including why no one should major in history, how to get an exceptional education in history, why you need a website, and other topics. Well worth your time!

(Takeaway quote: “If you’re smart enough, you don’t need to go to college. If you aren’t smart enough, maybe you do. “)

School Gestapo Takes a Hit in the Wallet

Modern schools are places where children have no privacy, and administrators feel they have the right to intrude on a child’s behavior beyond the classroom.

Fortunately, this young lady and her parents reacted with a lawsuit after she was forced to share her Facebook password as part of an investigation into the heinous crime of complaining that a hall monitor was mean. Now the young lady and her family have been awarded $70,000 in damages and the school has to rewrite its policies regarding student behavior outside of the classroom.

Best of all, the girl and her parents have given up on public education and are homeschooling. Bravo!



The Value of a College Degree, Chinese Edition

In my book, Thriving in the 21st Century, I warn parents not to send a child to college unless they’re college material, are motivated to study and pursue a viable career, and they can afford it. I say these things because the risk of being stuck with a useless college diploma in our challenged economy is high indeed. But at least in this country, if you have a degree you’ll be qualified for some type of job, even if it’s something that shouldn’t require a degree but does, like being a rental car agent.

But in China, the prognosis is even worse for young college grads. Check out this article, which ends with this depressing statement:

Making matters worse for graduates, the “lucky” ones with jobs can expect an average salary of 3,000 yuan per month ($487.89). Netizens have calculated that at this rate, a 2013 graduate will have enough money to purchase a bathroom in the suburbs of Beijing in 10 years, if she doesn’t eat and chooses to live on the street.

Thwarted by Student Loan Debt

This young woman wants to be a nun. But she can’t become one until she pays off her student loans. This is just one more example of how student loans can hold you back. Unless a student is going into a field where a steady, decent income is virtually assured, borrowing money to go to college is a huge risk in the current economy.